Biff America: Audible impatience (column) – Colorado News

Biff America: Audible impatience (column) – Colorado News

Sid Glitter was 6’4″, buffed, handsome and unabashedly gay. He was also the finest waiter I had ever worked with. He had an amazing memory and an unflappable demeanor while dealing with the most difficult diners. We met during one of my first winters in this old mining town turned into a world class resort. When any of us would complain about the tips, tourists or crowds, Sid would say, “Hush, if it wasn’t for those tourists the only jobs here would be working in the mines, and this queen ain’t built for digging.”

I try to remember that and remind others when I see friends or strangers displaying a lack of patience and appreciation of those who make it possible to live and work in the Rockies (above ground). What follows is a recent display of someone forgetting that.

There are two types of honking of a vehicle’s horn: attention grabbing and punitive.

Attention grabbing is when you are approaching another automobile and you are under the impression that they don’t see you so you toot your horn as if to say, ‘Hey, here I am, don’t pull in front of me!’

Punitive is after the danger and risk have passed, you still lean on your horn to audibly vent, scold and punish the offender.

It has been my observation, in the resort community which I call home, by and large, the punitive honkers are the more recent locals the honk-ees are guests.

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