Canine compassion | The Verde Independent – Arizona News

Canine compassion | The Verde Independent – Arizona News

COTTONWOOD – Kobe, a caramel-colored mutt who had been at the shelter for six months, was adopted on Thursday. While he didn’t “show” well in the kennels, out on a leash Kobe did “great.” He was comfortable running up and down on the agility course platform. He’s all tail-wags when he sees people.

Volunteers are making all the difference at the Verde Valley Humane Society when it comes to the dogs’ quality of life during their stay at the shelter. Dogs like Kobe’s adoptability greatly improves by knowing how to walk on a leash and learn basic commands. It also keeps them happy.

A team of about 30 volunteers ensure that dogs are walked and socialized every day. On any given day there may be three to six volunteers. Some spend six hours at a time at the shelter, others come in the early morning for a couple of hours to walk dogs. Every dog is being walked every day. “The shelter couldn’t afford to do that [without the volunteers.]” said Angie Lozano, a board member of the Verde Valley Humane Society. “Often times dogs come in and they don’t know how to walk on a leash. This makes them that much more adoptable.”

Jason Supple, of Ardent Canine Training, dedicates his time as a volunteer to help get dogs leash-trained. He also helps work through issues with problem dogs.

“I’m not even trying to get them through all of the commands, I’m trying to get them get out to families. And if they get the commands too, then that’s great,” Supple said.

Phillipa Atterbury, another volunteer, says that Supple and his wife’s expertise have been a huge help to…

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