Cashier’s checks used in area scam – News – Times Record – Arkansas News

Cashier’s checks used in area scam – News – Times Record – Arkansas News

Wanda Gibson, a retiree from Dora, wanted nothing more than to sell her mattress through an ad in the newspaper, and ended up being taken through a whirlwind of financial transactions that involved a potentially fraudulent cashier’s check and several calls to the Attorney General’s office.

“My dad’s moving in with me, and we needed to change out the mattress,” said Gibson. “The one I had was like new, and hadn’t even been slept on but a couple of times.”

Gibson took out an ad in the newspaper to sell the mattress and eventually was contacted by a potential buyer in Missouri.

“I got a response in a text, which is not unusual,” Gibson added.

She said the buyer, who used a man’s name but whose identity was never confirmed, asked for a picture of the mattress, which she sent. According to Gibson, the buyer didn’t try to negotiate the listed price of $100, and it was at this point that Gibson said she became suspicious.

“He asked that I would not entertain any other offers, that he wanted the mattress, and he would send his courier down to pick the item up once he had sent me a check,” said Gibson.

The buyer explained that it would be a cashier’s check, which put Gibson at ease because a cashier’s check, as opposed to a personal check, guaranteed funds availability. The buyer even told her she could cash the check immediately upon arrival.

“I had made up my mind that I would go immediately to the bank to make sure the check was OK,” said Gibson.

Delivery of the check became complicated, as it didn’t arrive on the day the buyer stated it would be there, and…

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