Column: Laws to make people follow laws? | The Daily Courier – Arizona News

Column: Laws to make people follow laws? | The Daily Courier – Arizona News

They are called Phantom Plates, Ghost Plates, Block Plates, even “Loover” plates. On Wednesday, they will be illegal in Arizona.

Among the hundreds of bills that become law Aug. 9, which we told you about in Saturday’s Courier, is the ban on license plate covers.

Some blur the vehicle’s entire license plate — depending on the angle you’re looking from; some block half; and still others make license plates practically invisible. Seriously, anything that blocks a vehicle’s plate from view will be outside the law beginning Wednesday.

I’m told folks who sprayed their plates (you often see them peeling nowadays) need to do some scraping too.

It is a big deal when you consider mishaps in what I would call the most common setting: parking lots.

Ever witness someone who backs their car or truck into another vehicle, and they drive away but you cannot read their plate? I have seen it happen a dozen times, seven incidents in which the plate was obscured. Shopping center parking lots come to my mind, especially grocery stores.

Forget that the devices were invented to thwart photo-enforcement cameras, like what the Town of Prescott Valley used to have for speeding and red-light running on Glassford Hill Road (two places); westbound Highway 69, coming up the hill (speeding); and at least one mobile unit (both offenses). Those are gone.

That’s ironic though. I always thought a ticket for speeding — where you knew the cameras stood (most of these were permanent) — was a special bonus for some repeat offenders. If something bad happens more than once at a certain spot in town, you’d…

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