Food, monetary donations down for shelter – Arkansas News

Food, monetary donations down for shelter – Arkansas News

The cupboard is bare — again.

Bethlehem House, a transitional homeless shelter in Conway, hasn’t had enough food in its pantry to give out food boxes for weeks, said Judi Lively, executive director.

“Summer is our lowest time for donations of any kind — financial, as well as food donations,” she said. “I think that’s true for most nonprofits. I do think vacation makes a huge difference, and people just aren’t in their normal routines.

“We’re seeing it financially, but we’re also seeing it in the food pantry,” Lively said.

The normal schedule for food-box distribution is 4:30-7 p.m. Monday through Friday at the shelter, 1115 Parkway St. People are asked to call and make an appointment.

“We do that largely so that we know we have food before they come. It’s pretty disappointing for people to show up or drive across town [and not get food],” she said.

Lively said staff members try to put enough food in the boxes to last three days, and the amount of food depends on the size of the families.

“We’ll do different amounts of vegetables, or different amounts of protein, depending on the family. We take food out of the freezer to put in them, like if we get hot dogs or something,” she said.

“I had somebody text me today and say, ‘Hey, could you use some green tomatoes?’ I said, ‘Sure.’ Basically, whatever’s donated, if it’s not eaten here, we try to give it out in food boxes.”

Three sacks of green tomatoes were left in the dining room. Shelter resident Charlene

Allen said the residents were going to fry some of the green tomatoes to go with their dinner that…

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