Guns N’ Roses Can’t Survive if Axl Rose Does’t Live and Let Die – Colorado News

Guns N’ Roses Can’t Survive if Axl Rose Does’t Live and Let Die – Colorado News

If Axl Rose pushed the boundaries of his music, the fifty-something lead singer of Guns N’ Roses might be performing songs that are as pivotal today as the old songs were to kids growing up in the ’80s and ’90s.

But he doesn’t. He’s still tossing around the mic and prancing up and down the stage, wearing a wide-brimmed hat over his bandanna, fetishizing a youth he has long left behind.

Even Guns N’ Roses seems to know the game should have been over a long time ago. At their Denver show on Wednesday, August 2, the rockers occasionally performed under a superimposed animated clock, hands spinning in circles, as if to say, “Will this shit ever end?” At times it seemed like the audience wondered that, too — at least when the band wasn’t sticking to old hits like “Welcome to the Jungle,” “Paradise City,” “Patience” and the Paul McCartney cover “Live and Let Die.”


Guns N’ Roses

Aaron Thackeray

The show had its moments. Slash still jams with dexterity. Duff plucks the hell out of his bass. And Rose keeps whistling out of tune, hitting ungodly high notes with his thin falsetto while screeching about flaming out, even as he simmers on.

It’s hard to watch him performing without wondering why Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Holly and so many others died so early and Rose, who nearly followed in their footsteps, just keeps on keepin’ on, now a walking midlife crisis.

It’s not that anyone wishes Rose had died already. Really. But it’s awkward to listen to him sing songs about taking the night train until he crashes and burns and all the other die-young-forget-the-past-live-in-the-moment sentiments the Guns N’ Roses brand…

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