Healthy Now: Kale pesto from the Park and Rec’ kitchen – California News

Healthy Now: Kale pesto from the Park and Rec’ kitchen – California News

Yes, from our kitchen to yours.

It’s true. Truckee-Donner Recreation & Park District (TDRPD), the same people who have brought you the Community Recreation Center, the pool, regional park, Music in the Park, the ice skating rink and other beautiful and healthy options, also have a licensed commercial kitchen open to the community for business or pleasure.

The kitchen is very nice indeed and a great place to poach recipes, healthy and otherwise. The booking schedule for the kitchen should really be classified information around here because it does pique your culinary curiosity and tempts a drop-by just to “grab something out of the fridge.”

Even though the TDRPD commercial kitchen is the community’s best kept secret, it sees some action with a variety of reservations. Of course events held on-site use the kitchen. They book a room or the pool for a graduation party or baby shower, and the host or caterer prepares the festive spread in our kitchen.

But there are other groups other than caterers and event planners who have taken advantage of the six-burner, U.S. Range and grill, two large ovens, and four warming stations. We have had residents book the TDRPD kitchen to prepare their holiday goodies en masse. (I want to be on their gift list.)

Such a great idea and this is when the big stainless steel working and assembly island takes the process to a more organized affair as opposed to “having it at Marge’s house this year” and eating half the dough before it’s baked.

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