Here’s a piece of a business model that’s not working – California News

Here’s a piece of a business model that’s not working – California News

Business models.

Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. You probably don’t realize it, but you interact with business models of all shapes and sizes every day. You probably don’t think of them as business models, but that’s what they are. In layman’s terms a business model is simply “the way things are done.”

When you walk into a grocery store you’ll typically find coolers at the front of several checkout stands, stocked with cold sodas, energy drinks and bottled water. Why? Because the supermarket chain knows that many of the shoppers who come in will probably want something cold to drink on the way home. This also falls under the category of impulse buys.

You might not be thinking of grabbing that ice-cold Pepsi on your way out. But when you happen to see a cooler full of em’ … hey, we’re only human, right?

Supermarket chains get this and that’s why they have them at the checkout counters. It’s part of their business model.

And it works.

Now I want to talk about one that’s not working. Actually, it’s a piece of a business model that’s not working. But first I need to provide some context.

My wife and I recently camped at Castaic Lake and brought our kayak along. We knew going in that all of the boats that enter Castaic Lake — whether on the upper or lower lake — are inspected before they’re allowed to be taken out on the water.

Boats have to be completely dry inside and out. That’s because they want to prevent the spread of quagga mussels. These non-native, freshwater mollusks aren’t wanted because they can clog water intake structures like pipelines and screens,…

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