Here’s All the TV Not to Miss This Hot, Dumb August – Arizona News

Here’s All the TV Not to Miss This Hot, Dumb August – Arizona News

Friday, August 4, 2017 at 5 a.m.


Tick season starts earlier every year.

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It’s August, which means it’s even hotter than July and you need TV now more than ever! The planet is hot, but you watching TV in your underwear with a fan pointed directly at your swimsuit parts is even hotter! Have at it!

Manhunt: Unabomber, Aug. 1 (Discovery)
Essentially, this is American Crime Story: Unabomber. It’s an eight-episode scripted series about the manhunt to find Ted Kaczynski, and will probably be interesting, if only to see Jane Lynch play Janet Reno. Apparently she’s very good! That Jane Lynch! Whoda thunk that Best of Show’s poodle-loving lunatic from would one day play a former attorney general?! (Everyone raises their hands.)

The Sinner, Aug. 2 (USA)
Jessica Biel stars as a Pretty White Mom who snaps and stabs a stranger in the neck when she’s on a beach vacay with her husband and young son. The detective on the case, While You Were Sleeping’s own Bill Pullman, is tasked with figuring out what makes this this Pretty White Mom tick, and since she’s a Pretty White Mom, an entire series gets devoted to it. (Also, who wants to bet that she’s actually a Good Person and that the man she killed totally had it coming for some reason probably pertaining to sexual assault. My bet is that it’s an episode of SVU dragged out into a series, which doesn’t sound half-bad now that I type it out.)

Swedish Dicks, Aug. 2 (Pop)
It’s a comedy series about a former stuntman and a Swedish DJ who team up to launch a detective agency. Hmm. I like that Margaret Cho and Keanu…

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