How Redlands is using data to make ‘smart’ decisions – California News

How Redlands is using data to make ‘smart’ decisions – California News

REDLANDS >> The city is working on its next big thing.

With the Smart Redlands initiative, the city wants to find innovative ways to provide services and address the needs of residents, from syncing traffic signals to using data to drive decisions on spending and resources.

“There are many things we’re looking into that don’t even exist today,” said Chris Diggs, director of the city’s Municipal Utilities and Engineering Department. “We’re working with development and industry to put the things together that we’re looking for that we believe will meet the needs of tomorrow.”

There are 18 projects under the Smart Redlands umbrella, all of which are meant to make the city liveable, workable and sustainable, Diggs said.

The ideas aim to improve traffic flow and infrastructure, even making it easier to find parking by using a smartphone app, among others.

“We can’t sit here and wait until something comes,” said City Manager N. Enrique Martinez. “We need to go out there and look. Smart Redlands is one of the avenues. There will be other avenues we will pursue.”

The city is “relentless” in its efforts to lower the cost of services while covering the basics and trying new things, Martinez said.


Redlands is working with outside agencies, such as universities, Waze and other companies, to create technology that would allow the city’s 90 traffic signals to communicate with each other.

The signals would learn how to move cars and pedestrians through an intersection more efficiently, Diggs said, and accommodate public safety vehicles on their way to…

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