Jensen: O Canada! If Only Liberals Knew All the Facts (column) – Colorado News

Jensen: O Canada! If Only Liberals Knew All the Facts (column) – Colorado News

Canada is often touted in the United States as the panacea of health care, leadership, love, peace and thick bacon.

Listening to Democrats Bernie Sanders, Maxine Waters and Chuck Schumer, one would think there are no Canadians waiting longer than Americans for life-saving surgeries or just to see a doctor in an emergency room.

Canada is perfect!

Since liberals enjoy the comparative phrase, “industrialized nations,” there may be some angst or denial in the fact that the Canadian Institute for Health Information has given their emergency room rating a failing grade.

According to the independent nonprofit, established to provide actionable information about the nation’s health care system, “….compared to other industrialized countries, Canada has the highest proportion of patients reporting excessively long waits in an emergency department.”

On average, it takes nearly four hours to see a doctor after you’ve arrived at a Canadian emergency room. In fact, 29 percent of Canadians checking into emergency rooms have to wait four hours or longer before being seen by a practitioner.

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Last year, Quebec’s health and welfare commissioner reported 35 percent of patients in the province have to wait five hours or more for care. That’s not just bad, it’s the very worst in the western hemisphere.

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control reports the average wait time to see a doctor in U.S. emergency rooms is 30 minutes.

Canada also topped the list for having the highest proportion of patients with long delays to see specialists, with 56 percent waiting longer than four weeks, compared with the international average of 36 percent.

In the U.S.,…

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