Metallica Review University of Phoenix Stadium August 4 2017 – Arizona News

Metallica Review University of Phoenix Stadium August 4 2017 – Arizona News

The job of a music critic is sometimes akin to that of a fourth-grade teacher.

You have to be nice because, gosh darn it, those little whipper-snappers are still cute in fourth grade. But they are starting to grow up fast, so you have to be blunt at times, too, to make sure they understand boundaries. You also have to give them their grades up front. So I’ll do the same for Metallica and all their fans and haters.

On Friday, August 4, in Glendale, Metallica got a solid 94 percent.

Would I have felt the same way if I had shelled out $160 plus taxes and fees to stand on the floor of the gargantuan football stadium? Maybe. Metallica played 18 songs, so it was roughly $20 a song for those folks and quite honestly, I’d guess every one of the few thousand people on the floor probably felt like they got exactly what they paid for.

As much as James Hetfield, Metallica’s rhythm guitarist and lead singer, can sometimes come off like a giant douche (before you get mad at me, watch the documentary about the band, Some Kind of Monster, and tell me I’m exaggerating here), he was pretty damn charming and seemed to genuinely enjoy being in the greater Phoenix area again. Hetfield led the band through a pretty rockin’ set of new and classic songs during the more than two-hour performance.

Metallica’s set kicked off with a pretty badass intro.

Before the band took the stage, some classic Sergio Leone footage was shown across the giant video screens that lined the back of the huge stage (replete with stage right and left catwalks leading to a small stage about 15 yards from the main stage) while the Ennio Morricone song “The Ecstasy Of Gold” played. Metallica has used the track as their…

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