Speed bumps requested for Pine, Gibson streets in Ukiah – California News

Speed bumps requested for Pine, Gibson streets in Ukiah – California News

The Traffic Engineering Committee will discuss two separate requests for speed bumps at its next meeting Tuesday.

The first request is for speed bumps on North Pine and Gibson streets between Low Gap Road and Bush Street, two blocks that one resident describes as having turned into an “Indy racetrack.”

“We take our lives into our hands when we need to back out of our driveways,” wrote Carol Gottfried in a letter requesting that speed bumps be added and the speed limit be lowered to 15 mph.

“I have been wanting to ask for speed bumps since school started in August of 2016 and the traffic at the Bush-Low Gap intersection became really horrible,” Gottfried continued. “Our little area has become really dangerous,” used by drivers who are “in a hurry (and) frustrated and angry” by the congested four-way stop.

“We are living with the planning that placed three schools and the county center where they are accessed by one intersection,” Gottfried concluded. “That is not going to be changed, but those of us who live in the area need to be safe where we live.”

The request will be considered Tuesday by the TEC, which recently denied a request for speed bumps on Marshall Street, which is also a very short street that drivers often use to avoid another busy four-way stop at East Gobbi and South Main streets.

As alternatives to speed bumps, city staff suggested posting 25 mph signs and painting the speed limit on the pavement.

They also suggested that residents not park their vehicles on the curb or sidewalk, as that tends to make the street seem wider, and traffic on the street was much more likely to slow…

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