Three years later, a new culture takes shape at MPUSD – California News

Three years later, a new culture takes shape at MPUSD – California News

MONTEREY >> Renee Corbishley has worked for the educational services department of the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District for the past 18 months. In her job as executive secretary, she’s often in charge of logistics for principals and administrators trainings: the food, the room, the photo copies. Sometimes, during these meetings, she would linger to hear what administrators were learning.

And some presentations stuck with her – those about “growth mindset,” a term that has been around for a couple of decades but has been gaining traction in educational circles the past couple of years.

A “growth mindset” can roughly be described as the belief that people can acquire knowledge if they are open to learning, regardless of how old they are. And it’s something that Corbishley felt other MPUSD employees could benefit from.

“A lot of it struck a chord inside of me,” Corbishley said. “I thought, how wonderful would it be if front office support, who are critical to the function of the school, and the administrators were speaking the same language?”

And who better to teach those concepts than herself, a 14-year veteran of front office battles?

“I’m not a professional presenter, but I can translate some of the information to our office support personnel and, more important than that, I’m able to give them support, encouragement and a place and time to say ‘Hey, I know I’m supposed to be focused on customer service,’” Corbishley said.

So she pitched the idea to her boss, and her boss responded enthusiastically. That’s how the School Office Supervisor Leadership…

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