Walking Mountains Science Center hosting 2-day mushroom extravaganza – Colorado News

Walking Mountains Science Center hosting 2-day mushroom extravaganza – Colorado News

It’s easy to take in the scenery of the Rocky Mountains when out and about in the wilderness, but often we pass over the smaller features of our dynamic environment.

Hiding underfoot nearly everywhere we go is a complex and fascinating organism that has lived on this planet for millions of years. Long before trees shaded our slopes, mushrooms occupied and enhanced Earth’s changing landscapes.

Walking Mountains Science Center and mycology enthusiast Michael Heim will lead a Fungi Foray Field Day on Friday.

New Understanding

An introduction to the study of mushrooms, or mycology, is a great way to leap into harvest season. Participants will learn to identify the ideal growing conditions and habitat for local mushrooms, practice responsible foraging ethics and take home a bounty of their own if ideal conditions exits.

Not only do these ancient fungi form symbiotic relationships with countless plant species, many of them provide nutrition for humans and wildlife alike. Harvesting wild mushrooms is an activity that takes time and patience. Knowing which flowering fungi to choose and which to avoid is a skill earned through practice and training.

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Heim will also present on Thursday at 6:30 p.m. for an evening of all things fungal as part of Walking Mountains’ monthly Science Behind series. Attendees will learn the basics of identification and classification, delve into etymology and best harvesting practices, and explore the delicious and nutritious side of these forest floor dwellers.

Through his presentation and practical application, participants will leave with a new understanding and appreciation for magical mycelium, fantastic…

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