What can be done to unleash the potential in parks, other sites? – California News

What can be done to unleash the potential in parks, other sites? – California News

POMONA >> A half-dozen mostly south Pomona residents sat around a map of their neighborhood Saturday morning at the dA Center for the Arts and named some of the various noteworthy sites within the area.

Residents talk about different locations, but one site – Washington Park – kept coming up in their conversation.

But, the group wondered, what if it could be more than a park? What if it could become a great place to meet with friends, relax and participate in different range of activities.

How could that be achieved? The group suggested movie nights in the park, a women’s circle, and a carnival and rodeo-type event.

More than 40 people gathered at the dA Center to learn about placemaking, an approach in which people re-image parks, plazas, neighborhoods, streets, public buildings and other locations within their communities and then implement the visions to bring out the best in those places.

Such work does not require vast financial investments, said Kyle Brown, a Pomona resident who is also director of the Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies at Cal Poly Pomona, and moderator of the event.

Bringing energy and life to a place can be done with little money and relatively quickly through the involvement of volunteers and partnerships with community groups and local businesses, Brown said.

Pomona Mayor Tim Sandoval said the idea to use the concept of placemaking in the city emerged last year while running for the mayor’s post.

Some placemaking projects are already underway, Sandoval said, but engaging residents in brainstorming conversation can unleash their creativity and bring about positive…

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