Face Vocal Band Brings Acapella Rock to Red Rocks Amphitheatre – Colorado News

Face Vocal Band Brings Acapella Rock to Red Rocks Amphitheatre – Colorado News

The singers in Face Vocal Band have been making rock music with their mouths for fifteen years in Colorado. This Sunday, the act will headline at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Five dollars of every ticket sold will go to music education grants, and the singers were able to raise over $25,000. We spoke with vocal percussionist Mark Megibow and tenor/songwriter Cody Qualls about the potential a cappella music holds, what Face does differently than other groups in the genre, and the outfit’s philanthropy.

Westword: Tell me about the fundraising that you do. What do the music grants you’re funding benefit?

Cody Qualls: Part of our mission pretty early on in our inception has been to work with youth [in] middle schools and high schools. We [visit] about fifteen to twenty of those every school year. We raise money for voice programs, music programs…It just depends on what school we’re going to, sometimes it can be a little different. In the daytime [we’ll] work with the kids, then do a fundraiser and concert in the evening. It’s a really fantastic way to connect and raise money for the program.

For this particular concert, $5 of every ticket sold has gone to these education grants we’ve created. We have a former high school teacher in the group and Mark used to teach in public school as well. And one of the things we’ve recognized is sometimes grants are available for music programs in public schools, but they don’t always allow for the flexibility that their program needs. Sometimes they’ll say, “Oh you can use this money for a field trip or to have a guest speaker to come in.” But sometimes the program just needs a trumpet or a computer program or a…

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