FROM THE ASSISTANT EDITOR: A great reminder of what we have | Opinion – Arizona News

FROM THE ASSISTANT EDITOR: A great reminder of what we have | Opinion – Arizona News

About five years ago, I was sitting in a Berlin restaurant chatting with German journalism students about their college experience. A recent college grad at the time, I felt a growing sense of jealousy as they talked about how their journalism education consisted of a paid, regular job at a large media company, which would then translate into a career upon completion of their degrees.

As someone who had scrounged to find elusive paying internships and who spent the previous month sending out resume after resume in hopes that someone would start compensating me for the three years and thousands of dollars spent earning my degree, I had one thought: What in the world is wrong with America?

That’s an easy thought to have. When you read of more violence at an office or a school, continuing racial and economic tensions or especially a national political scene that seems to keep leaning into a divisive death spiral, it’s not hard to think we are heading toward a certain destination, hand-basket already provided. At the very least, I think we can all agree this country isn’t perfect and there are days when perfection seems so very far away.

But then there are the other days. The ones with little moments to remind you that, imperfections notwithstanding, we are still part of something special.

For me that moment was Thursday at Prestige Assisted Living in Green Valley. That was the day the staff and residents gathered to congratulate Jose Manuel Davila on joining the fold of U.S. citizens. Davila, 69, has worked at Prestige for 11…

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