Gearhead Diary: The Chicken – North Forty News – Colorado News

Gearhead Diary: The Chicken – North Forty News – Colorado News


She ain’t no beauty queen, but she gets a once-over every year and has never let us down. Ferdie is our work truck, or kept at the ready for an emergency if the snow is too deep for our car.

I’m a procrastinator. Big time. But last summer, I thought I’d maybe change my wicked ways and get down to some vehicle maintenance before the cold set in. I knew our 25-year-old car was due for brakes. I’m also a do-it-yourself type guy. Always have been.

I decided I’d put an end to my habit of putting things off before the cold and snow arrived, and address the issues that needed to be addressed with the car. Our winter car, “The Chicken,” named after the tiny plastic chicken we found in the glove box of the car we bought from a gentleman in Greeley. We asked him if he’d like the little chicken back. “No, that goes with the car,” he replied. Nice guy!

Anyhow, brakes. I looked at the brakes and realized it was time for rotors and pads all around. While I had the car in the air, I found that exhaust leak that had been bothering us since the previous winter. I also noticed a bad tie rod in the steering, and figured I might as well replace that CV joint that was starting to click click click.

I’d done the belts and hoses (including timing belt and water pump) the previous year, so I knew they were okay.

But…oh boy! This was getting to be a major project. Still, because I’d gotten an early start, the weather was nice.

I ordered all the parts to get all the jobs done at once. Since the car still worked fine, I had time to order parts at the best price and wait for them all to be delivered. I also ordered a new thermostat, remembering the…

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