Google diversity push attacked by one of its own – California News

Google diversity push attacked by one of its own – California News

One of Silicon Valley’s biggest companies is being attacked from within for being a liberal bastion.

A screed titled “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber” that’s making the rounds at Google says the company’s diversity initiatives are discriminatory, and chalks up the gender gap at the company to the biological differences between men and women.

One of the writer’s bullet points: “Women, on average, have more neuroticism (higher anxiety, lower stress tolerance). This may contribute to the higher levels of anxiety women report on Googlegeist and to the lower number of women in high stress jobs.”

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The 10-page manifesto in all its glory can be found on Gizmodo. The outrage over it can be found at your fingertips — all over social media and the internet. But its writer — who by many Googlers’ accounts is a male engineer who we haven’t been able to identify and therefore can’t reach for comment — also is getting virtual high-fives.

When reached by SiliconBeat Sunday, a Google spokesman said an internal memo from Danielle Brown, the company’s new VP of diversity, would serve as an official statement from the company. Her memo was obtained by Motherboard. The spokesman also referred to another executive’s internal Google+ post that has been widely circulated.

Ari Barlogh, whose Crunchbase profile lists him as vice president of storage infrastructure products, reportedly said in an internal Google+ post: “One of the aspects of the post that troubled me deeply was the bias inherent in suggesting that most women, or men, feel or act…

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