Is Your Company Primed For Growth? – Santa Clarita Valley Signal – California News

Is Your Company Primed For Growth? – Santa Clarita Valley Signal – California News

Many business owners, CEOs and entrepreneurs say that they want to increase revenues and profits, but how ready are their organizations really?

Growing anything requires much more than making a wish; it requires a multifaceted plan. Resources need to be allocated to fund the increase in expenditures that growing a concern requires.

Consider these thoughts before you decide to increase the sales and client base of any organization.

To grow requires a change in mindset to an external focus. Basic systems have to be in place and working well. Many companies cannot make the shift from an internal focus to an external one because their systems can’t support more clients, production, or delivery.

Companies struggling to handle their current capacity will only disappoint both old and new clients if the organization isn’t functioning well.

Employees view more clients as more work. Savvy ones understand that growth means security and opportunities, but not every employee has that forward-thinking perspective.

Using an analogy of a garden hose, once you decide to put more volume through the hose, all leaks better be plugged and kinks straightened out. And the radius of the hose has to be sufficient to handle the increased flow.

Unless and until this is done, all you’ll generate is a considerable amount of frustration. Picture a hose with the faucet opened as far as it can go, with kinks blocking the flow and leaks spraying and showering water where it isn’t wanted. At the end of the hose, all that trickles out is an insufficient flow.

The company’s business model needs to support growth. This might mean changing from what is “usual and customary” to…

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