Meet your merchant: The Studio Collective offers unique space to work – California News

Meet your merchant: The Studio Collective offers unique space to work – California News

Nicole Wright moved to Nevada County seven years ago, after her husband left the military, to help her mother start the Bamboo Home Store and to raise a family.

“When he decided to get out of the military, we wanted to start a family,” Wright said. “It seemed like a great place to really start a family and start a new business.”

At the Bamboo Home Store, Wright learned window design, how to decorate and the ins and outs of how a business runs. They then opened a brick-and-mortar store in downtown Grass Valley.

After six years, the mother-daughter team sold the store and Wright used the money to pay for a warehouse to store furniture for her vintage rental company that supplied weddings and special events.

“When I opened that I also wanted to have a space for people that are in the wedding industry like wedding professionals to kind of connect and meet with each other and meet with clients,” Wright said.

So she opened The Studio Collective, focused on wedding-related meetings. Two years ago, Wright joined a tech startup and closed the rental company. She still liked the community aspects of The Studio Collective, so she moved the location to 114 Neal St. in downtown Grass Valley and opened it for any kind of meeting.

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“For me, it’s about staying connected,” Wright said. “How do we take a banker, a marketer and a photographer and all sit across the table from each other and work?”

For many, the answer is The Studio Collective.

An important part of Wright’s business is to stay connected to the community and other entrepreneurs. Wright gives attention to art as well. One of the walls in The Studio Collective is covered in pictures on…

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