Mile High Middle School ‘Capturing Kids’ Hearts’ | The Daily Courier – Arizona News

Mile High Middle School ‘Capturing Kids’ Hearts’ | The Daily Courier – Arizona News


Teachers at Mile High Middle School interact during a recent “Capturing Kids’ Hearts’ training.

Prescott Mile High Middle School will be supporting Capturing Kids’ Hearts for their learning community in the upcoming school year.

The program — a creation of the Flippen Group, a leadership consulting group based in College Station, Texas — pushes several simple but purposeful directives. Teachers are expected to be outside their doors during class switches and to give handshakes, fist pumps, and/or audible greetings as students enter class. A few times a week as class begins, teachers ask students to volunteer “something good” that is happening in their lives, a step instructors say has prompted students to open up beyond what they could ever have expected.

Mile High Middle School leaders and staff dedicated a considerable amount of time researching institutions that have been successful in improving attendance; decreasing discipline referrals; remaining focused on academics; and providing a positive culture focused on children. It was discovered that many are Capturing Kids Hearts schools that unify their efforts to provide a safe environment where all have the opportunity to learn and grow.

Mile High is excited to provide Capturing Kids’ Hearts as they have always been dedicated to supporting the district mission of “Every Kid, Every Day” but having a unified process, made possible through the extremely generous financial support…

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