North Korea says U.S. will ‘pay dearly’ for new U.N. sanctions – California News

North Korea says U.S. will ‘pay dearly’ for new U.N. sanctions – California News

North Korean state media said Monday the U.S. will “pay dearly” for a round of strict sanctions approved by the United Nations during the weekend, suggesting that Pyongyang remains committed to its nuclear ambitions and willing to bear the economic costs.

“There is no bigger mistake than the United States believing that its land is safe across the ocean,” the isolated country’s state-run Korean Central News Agency said in a statement.

The United Nations Security Council on Saturday voted on a new round of sanctions targeting North Korea’s primary exports, including iron, coal and seafood — together worth about $1 billion — in retaliation for its repeated missile tests. Pyongyang has tested 14 missiles so far this year, including two intercontinental ballistic missiles in July, showcasing its technical ability to launch a strike on parts of the U.S., including Alaska, Los Angeles and Chicago.

The sanctions could slash North Korea’s annual export revenue, totaling an estimated $3 billion, by more than a third, according to a statement from the office of Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. President Trump, on Twitter, called the resolution the “single largest economic sanctions package ever on North Korea.”

Yet North Korea’s Monday statement illustrates the degree to which Kim Jong Un, the country’s ruler, prizes the country’s nuclear and missile programs as a crucial deterrent against the United States and a point of national pride.

“This U.N. ‘sanctions resolution,’ to all intents and purposes, is an outcome of diabolical attempts of the U.S. to isolate and stifle the…

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