Things that go bump in the night – California News

Things that go bump in the night – California News

At midnight, all alone at home, in the darkest of nights, I was awakened by what sounded like a murmuring conversation and the quick flash of a flashlight!

You lay there, suddenly wide awake, listening intently, trying to determine if that really was a bump in the night, or the tail end of a dream. Was it outside? — or inside!

There! Another flash of light … out back … but no sound. Slowly I arose, trying to be invisible, grasped my bedside-walking stick, found my totally insufficient tiny flashlight, fished my cellphone and car keys out of my inert pants pocket, and crept forth like a slow-motion chameleon.

I only had to press the panic button on my car-key to bring on beeps and lights, and my cell 9-1-1 … if I had time to use them. But first, verification. I know how it is with things that go bump in the night, or “swish in the bush,” as I once described in a slide show subject.

Mysteries are often fugitive, but usually there is a reason for sounds and lights.

The imagination makes a monster out of that bump in the night. It makes a thief in the house. It makes SOMEBODY in the house, or even worse — a haunt in the house! A ghost that can move things!

With all that contrived in the mind, you move forward, now fully alert, wondering if you need to dig that squirrel rifle out of the closet, unsure if it even works after being untouched for 30 years, and where are the shells? A human intruder would be worse than an impenetrable ghost.

I circled IN the house four times, and there were no bodies. No sounds. No lights. No timed lights had been turned on outside. There was nothing that suggested an intruder, so I…

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