Yvonne Orji says TV character and life are quite different – California News

Yvonne Orji says TV character and life are quite different – California News

Yvonne Orji is serious about dating. “I’m not really looking for anything subpar or shallow,” she says in an interview.

In February, the 33-year-old actress-comedian headlined a TEDx talk in Delaware about her religious upbringing and decision to stay celibate until marriage. But in her professional life, Orji plays the sexually liberated Molly on the HBO series “Insecure,” a high-powered partner an L.A. law firm who just can’t seem to get her dating life to be as rewarding as her career is.

“God bless her, she does a lot of good things,” Orji says of Molly, “but she does a lot of just wrong. She can’t help it because it’s coming from a genuine place.” The show, whose second season began last month, includes graphic sex scenes (which she had to practice for, the actress admits in an interview).

“It’s funny because everyone is like, ‘Well, you haven’t had sex, so how do you know?’ And it’s like, ‘Guys, we’re acting.’ Also, I have directors screaming directions from the sidelines so, you know, I think we get the shots.’ ”

In the interview we talk about Orji’s upbringing, values, dating and the series.

Q: Does it get annoying to be constantly asked about your virginity?

A: What’s so funny is, I had a meeting with someone on Tuesday who said, “So you’re the face of virginity!” And I was like, “I am a virgin, but there’s other things about me.”

Q: What was it like doing the TEDx talk about dating?

A: I tried to just give the basic, common-sensical things that I think were established a long time ago in relationships (but) … somehow are no longer valued — like, you know, respect. (Laughs.) I remember talking…

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