Arizona Department Education Knew Spokesman Lied, Hire Him – Arizona News

Arizona Department Education Knew Spokesman Lied, Hire Him – Arizona News

Dan Godzich was caught in a lie about his education credentials on his application to be spokesman for the Arizona Department of Education, but the department hired him anyway.

Godzich wrote on his resume that he had a bachelor of arts degree from Hunter College in New York. Michael Bradley, chief of staff to Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas, had been impressed by Godzich’s credentials when Godzich applied to head up the department’s Empowerment Scholarship Account.

Instead of hiring Godzich for that job, however, Bradley and Douglas thought Godzich would be a better fit for the director of communications role.

Godzich had spent years as a GOP adviser in the state Legislature and had public relations bona fides. So, Bradley offered him the job.

But then, before Godzich was brought on board, Bradley received an anonymous email from a throwaway address. It said that Godzich had lied about his academic credentials; contrary to his resume and public persona, the note insisted, Godzich had not actually graduated from Hunter College.

Bradley’s response? Essentially, he shrugged. The chief of staff said that when he confronted Godzich about his resume discrepancy, Godzich was “forthcoming” about his “incorrect and not up-to-date” resume. Godzich offered to withdraw.

It was this apparent show of honesty that won Bradley over on Godzich as the communications director for the department.

“He says, ‘Well, I did go to Hunter College, but I didn’t complete it.’ And I said, ‘Okay, well, that’s not why we’re hiring you anyway, so it doesn’t make any difference for us,” Bradley told Phoenix New Times. “‘For your records, can you make sure you’ve…

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