Effort to recall Gov. Ducey comes up short | Chino Valley Review – Arizona News

Effort to recall Gov. Ducey comes up short | Chino Valley Review – Arizona News

PHOENIX — It looks like Doug Ducey isn’t going to have to defend his record — at least not immediately — not that there was much of a chance of that happening in the first place.

The organizer of a recall drive against the governor told Capitol Media Services he did not have the 376,604 valid signatures on petitions by Friday’s deadline to force a special election before Ducey has to run again in 2018.

So how many signatures did Leonard Clark and his allies get?

He’s not saying. But Clark conceded that with no money and no real organization, there weren’t that many.

And with failure apparently on the horizon, Clark said he didn’t even reach out to circulators to turn in their petitions.

The 52-year-old Clark, a regular fixture at the Capitol who testifies on many bills, had hoped to use public dissatisfaction with Ducey on two key issues to fuel recall efforts.

One was the governor’s decision to sign two measures designed to make it harder for Arizonans to propose and enact their own laws.

One replaces the current standard that petition drives need be only in “substantial compliance” with the law to appear on the ballot, replacing it with a “strict compliance” standard. The other eliminates the ability of groups seeking to create laws to pay petition circulators by the number of signatures they collect.

“I can put up with a lot of things,” Clark said Friday. But he said he drew the line “when you take away (and) pretty much make it impossible to have initiatives by regular citizens that don’t have a lot of money.’’

On his petitions, Clark also mentioned Ducey’s signature on legislation which to remove all…

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