How Upland’s proposed overnight parking permit program has changed – California News

How Upland’s proposed overnight parking permit program has changed – California News

UPLAND >> An unpopular plan that would establish an overnight parking permit program is getting a comprehensive revision through public input and a series of workshops.

In May, Upland police proposed imposing a $3 daily and $75 annual fees for those who parked their vehicles on the streets between 2 and 5 a.m. It was sidelined to give staff more time to evaluate the public’s concerns. Residents had raised questions about the parking fees and if the measure really would effectively reduce vehicle-related crime, such as thefts and break-ins.

Since then, Lt. Marcelo Blanco said the department’s Community Resource Team has made drastic changes to the policy.

“We’re listening to what our residents have to say and trying to mold it into something that works for everybody,” he said.

For starters, the $75 is gone. The new fee will be based on operating costs and feedback from residents.

The department also eliminated a plan to hire a third-party contractor that would have handled parking enforcement. It will now be handled by a part-time aid in the police department.

In addition, anyone will now be able to go online and purchase an overnight parking pass. The new system is paperless, meaning the permits will be issued to the license plate, Blanco said.

Previously, only the homeowner could purchase the permit.

The department is proposing the following exemptions from the annual fees: if it causes a financial hardship, for those who live in apartments with insufficient parking or have unique circumstances such as a garage with little to no driveway. Drivers who have a current disabled person placard are also exempt.


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