Major Caltrain fare increases approved | News – California News

Major Caltrain fare increases approved | News – California News

Prepare to spend a lot more to ride Caltrain. Starting Oct. 1, adult fare will increase 25 cents per zone each way, and monthly train and parking passes will rise substantially.

Caltrain’s monthly parking pass prices will rise nearly $30, to $82.50 from $55.

Monthly train pass prices will rise between $11 and $83 for adults. For seniors, youth, the disabled or Medicare cardholders, monthly pass prices will rise between $5.50 and $23. The price range depends on the number of train zones the pass holder plans to travel through.

After one zone, the price will increase 25 cents each zone traveled, each way. For a one way 2-zone ticket the price will increase 4.3 percent to $6. For a one way 6-zone ticket, it’s a 9 percent increase to $15. A 2-zone monthly pass will increase 18.6 percent to $163.50 and a 6-zone monthly pass will increase 23.9 percent to $433.50.

Caltrain’s discounted eight-ride pass program will be discontinued.

Caltrain plans to ask companies for more money for its Go Pass program, in which all employees at a company are given unlimited Caltrain passes for the year if the company pays a base amount. Starting Jan. 1, 2018, that base amount will increase 50 percent to $23,940, up from $15,960. The per employee cost will increase to $237.50, up from $190, on Jan. 1, 2018; and again to $285 on Jan. 1, 2019.

The agency plans to pilot a program to give discounted tickets on weekends and evenings in January 2018.

Caltrain last raised its prices in 2016, when train zone fare went up 50 cents.

On the agency’s website, Caltrain says that it expects a $20.7 million shortfall in next year’s operational budget. Operations and management costs have…

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