New boating rules, fees in effect | Kingman Daily Miner – Arizona News

New boating rules, fees in effect | Kingman Daily Miner – Arizona News


Ryder Bliss enjoys a day of wakeboarding in this photo shared with the News-Herald. New boating rules that take effect today require wakeboarders to be watched by a designated observer on the boat.

LAKE HAVASU CITY – Several new rules and fees affecting boating in Arizona went into effect Saturday.

Among the changes, wakesurfers are now required to wear personal flotation devices and people must rent watercraft from businesses registered as liveries with the state.

The Arizona Game and Fish Commission approved the rule changes and fees at its April 7 meeting.

Other changes include:

• Watercraft agents may issue a temporary certificate with the sale of a used watercraft.

• Wakesurfers being towed by a watercraft must be watched by an observer on the boat.

• Teak surfing, which is pulling a person from a vessel’s swim platform, is outlawed.

• Towing companies must notify the owners or lienholders that they have taken possession of a vessel within 15 days of obtaining the information.

• Watercraft owners are financially responsible for the towing and storage of a watercraft illegally moored.

The following fee changes also are going into effect:

• Watercraft transfer fee to $13

• Duplicate decal and certificate number fee to $8

• Dealer certificate of number fee to $20

• Establish an abandoned/unreleased watercraft application fee of $100

• Transfer of ownership of a towed watercraft application fee to $100

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