New state laws take effect Wednesday | Local News Stories – Arizona News

New state laws take effect Wednesday | Local News Stories – Arizona News

PHOENIX — Got one of those plastic covers on your license plate to thwart photo radar?

Get out your screwdriver. As of Wednesday they’re going to be illegal.

It’s one of several hundred new laws that kick in that same day, the fruits of this year’s 122-day legislative session. Others range from expanding who can teach in Arizona classrooms and when police need warrants to track cell phones to exactly how much of someone’s foot a podiatrist can amputate.

For the record, it’s a toe — but not the whole foot.

There also are some odd new statutes including one that specifically allows counties to put up signs that say, “Enter or proceed with caution. Use at your own risk. This surface is not maintained by the county.”

Many of the changes, however, will not take effect yet.

For example, one exempts profits made by those who buy and sell U.S. gold and silver coins from the state’s capital gains tax. But the change does not kick in until the coming calendar year.

Ditto on new requirements for obtaining a hairstyling license.

Legislation to bar the state’s newest drivers from using cell phones does not take effect until next July 1.

And a bill to set up procedures for people to argue about what they are charged by out-of-network hospitals does not become law until Jan. 1, 2019.

The measure on license plates culminates years of efforts by Sen. Steve Farley, D-Tucson.

But Farley did not present SB 1073 as a method of helping police catch more speeding motorists with photo radar, a technology that has proven unpopular with many…

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