Patriots band together over summer camp – Arkansas News

Patriots band together over summer camp – Arkansas News

Patriots band together over summer camp

The Marion Patriots football team worked on much more than just the playbook as the team went on their annual four- day camp

The Marion Patriots loaded up all of their football gear into trailers, the entire coaching staff and 63 players of their 65-man team and ventured 172 miles away to Malvern, Arkansas for their eighth annual Band of Brothers camp where players learned about football, team chemistry and faith. Spending four days at the Christian-based Family Farms camp in Malvern with limited phone access and no T.V., players were forced to interact with each other, building team chemistry according to Marion Patriots head coach Jed Davis.

“When you get away from everything else…you have to spend time with your buddies and your teammates,” Davis said. “And, it just really helps create that bond. And, it helps us as coaches because they get to see us outside of just seeing us at practice.”

Davis says that the camp possesses challenges for the coaching staff as well as the players, with the coaches having to leave their families and wake up early for several days. But, Davis says, that the rewards the team gets out of the camp outweigh any inconvenience of travel or early rising.

Just how early did the Patriots get up every morning while at camp? All players woke up at 4:45 a.m. in, what Davis calls, the most annoying way to wake up ever.

“I wake them up every morning at 4:45 to Pocketfull of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield,” Davis said. “And, I’ve got this huge portable speaker that I can roll around. So, I hook my phone up to it and play it as loud…

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