Piedmont moving ahead to update its Climate Action Plan – California News

Piedmont moving ahead to update its Climate Action Plan – California News

PIEDMONT — Piedmont’s current Climate Action Plan, a plan the city goes by to help public and private entities as well as its citizens reduce greenhouse gas emissions, is seven years old — so the city is working to build a new one with help from its citizens.

“So many things have changed since 2010,” assistant planner Emily Alvarez said. “We’re coming out with an entirely new set of policies that we plan to implement that are more current and in line with best practices.”

The city’s Climate Action Plan will address ways that city residents and employees can reduce carbon emissions. The last plan was drafted by a consultant. This new plan will be drafted by a task force of six people chosen by the City Council, including Piedmont High School student Sophia Lincoln.

Lincoln said that she has offered several suggestions to the task force that are student-focused including adding more bike racks to schools to encourage students to bike rather than drive and to have a shuttle bring elementary kids to school instead of individual parents doing the driving.

“I want Piedmont to do as much as it can to be sustainable and help the environment,” Lincoln said. “Even if it’s not a big town, Piedmont can be environmentally friendly.”

Dr. Tracey Woodruff, chair of the Piedmont Action Plan Task Force and a UC San Francisco professor who works on environmental health issues, said the task force will host workshops to get residents’ input on the plan.

“I think some of us would like help with priorities,” Woodruff said. She said the task force is thinking about transportation modes, buildings and solar, water use and “greenscapes,” or green…

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