Pizzerias pile up in Fort Collins – Colorado News

Pizzerias pile up in Fort Collins – Colorado News


These Northern Colorado establishments take pizza back to its Naples, Italy roots.
Jacob Laxen

From the Pizza Factory headquarters in Southern California, CEO Mary Jane Riva explains her vision to expand the franchise to Fort Collins.

The West Coast pizzeria chain, with 113 locations, is on the lookout for a Choice City franchisee.

“Fort Collins fits everything we are looking for,” Riva said. “It is a growing town…and we want to be in towns where families want to take their kids out on a traditional Friday night.”

Pizza Factory is far from the first pizzeria to discover the potential of Fort Collins — a town with the ideal pizza market demographic of young families and college students.

There are about 50 pizza places in town now, 11 of which have opened in the past two years.

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The town’s busiest pizzeria, Krazy Karl’s Pizza, opened a second location to better handle its business in December.

This year, brick and mortar spots JJ’s Wood Fired Pizza, Midici Pizza, Sazerac New Orleans Bistro and Cacciatore at Heller’s Kitchen have opened with pizza featured on their menus. Food truck…

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