Planning commission split on inadequate due diligence case – Arizona News

Planning commission split on inadequate due diligence case – Arizona News

Bob Voris

CAVE CREEK – Planning Commission Chair Bob Voris announced during the Aug. 3 meeting that there were no cases scheduled for the August and September regular meetings.

However, he announced there will be two more general plan input meetings scheduled for 6 p.m. on Aug. 17 and Sept. 21.

Topics for public input on Aug. 17 include:

  • Land Use Element
  • Water Resources Element
  • Open Space Element

With commissioners Susan Demmitt and Peter Omundson absent and Paul Eelkema appearing telephonically, the planning commission reviewed the first case, an application for a general plan amendment to change the land use for a 5.83-acre parcel on 58th Place from medium density residential (R-35 or R-18) to Desert Rural (DR).

Planning Director Ian Cordwell explained the 2005 general plan currently in effect provides for the process to apply for general plan amendments and pointed out what was before the commission was not a rezoning.

Cordwell said when the applicants, Tasso and Sheree Koken, bought their property they were under the impression the lot size allowed them to have ranch animals.

Voris reiterated this was not a rezoning request.

Commissioner Dick Frye asked if they were to approve the general plan amendment if there was any obligation on the town’s part to rezone the property.

Cordwell stated there was not.

Tasso Koken apologized to the room full of people for all the “consternation” he’s caused due to being misled by his realtor of his property rights when he purchased the property a year and a half ago.

Koken said he was trying to correct the problem.

Voris looked at the full audience in attendance and asked how many people in the room…

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