San Francisco’s Bikeshare Boom – By Nuala Sawyer – August 8, 2017 – California News

San Francisco’s Bikeshare Boom – By Nuala Sawyer – August 8, 2017 – California News

Rows of bright blue bikes have popped up all over the Mission District, emblazoned with Ford’s logo. Bright red JUMP bikes have been spotted in the farthest reaches of the city, as far away as Lands End or Hunters Point. And starting today, LimeBike’s dockless green cruisers may soon be another sidewalk obstacle in the way of strollers, pedestrians, and wheelchairs. As the bikeshare industry heats up, it can be difficult to keep each company straight. Who’s doing what, and which one is worth a ride? Here’s a brief guide to keeping all your bicycles in a row:

Ford GoBike

This corporate darling of San Francisco has the biggest bikeshare footprint, by far. With more than 150 stations in the Bay Area and hundreds more coming, Ford GoBike has won the heart of the Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission and local politicians, who have been more than happy to hand over city street real estate to the motor company in exchange for a long-overdue bike share expansion. These new bikes replaced Bay Area Bike Share on June 28, and thanks to corporate capital, have been able to expand at a rapid rate.

But not everyone is thrilled about the new bikeshare program. Tourist bike rental companies have complained that the rent-free bike stations compete for tourist dollars, and will kill their industry. Calle 24, the Latino Cultural Heritage District, has banned bike shares along 24th Street completely. Dozens of bikes were recently damaged by vandals. And now, Mission District residents are calling for a moratorium on bike share stations, while a community impact report is done. 

Drama aside, some people are enjoying the new Ford GoBikes, like these cyclists,…

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