Scam Squad: Use precautions when dealing with solicitors | – Arizona News

Scam Squad: Use precautions when dealing with solicitors | – Arizona News

Valley Assistance Services has received disturbing information from the Pima Council on Aging and has asked that we pass this warning along. 

Summer brings solicitors to your door. They may be dressed in work shirts with their names embroidered just above the pocket and have a hat with a logo on the front. They may claim to be from the water company and will offer to install water-efficient shower adapters — for free! They may claim to be from the electrical company and will be willing to install energy-efficient light bulbs, again — free!

Always ask to see picture identification. Do not just open the door and allow them into your home. You may ask them to wait while you call TEP or the water company to confirm that they are offering this service for free. This is just you being a wise consumer, and a professional should understand your caution.

Apparently, the hot weather fails to discourage crooks from walking your streets. They ignore the posted No Soliciting warnings. This is prime time for them to ask for that glass of water and step into your air-conditioned home evoking your sympathy. (Have bottled water ready to pass them out the front door.)

This warning is proactive. What happens in Tucson will trickle down to us. About two years ago, a warning of a man dressed in a work shirt and hat and carrying a clipboard found problems with your roof. You had to step out front to see what he had observed. Did you lock the back door? If not, his partner is inside your house, searching for valuables and drugs. While you are…

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