Sebastoblog: Conscious | Opinion | – California News

Sebastoblog: Conscious | Opinion | – California News

I was texted an unusual picture. A woman knew her 13-year old was hoarding something and thought it might be cigarettes because he was being secretive about something in his room. One afternoon she snooped through his closet and discovered a large box hidden behind a pile of clothes. It was full of recyclable and compostable containers. Dozens of them and all different kinds. “I know there are worse things a teen could be hiding. But I just really don’t know what to make of it!”


A coworker I knew years ago was visiting here for the weekend, and was disappointed he did not have very many “Sebastopol moments” after following my blog. He was glad to hear a heated exchange about the virtues of bioflavonoids in Community Market. He also read the community board, as I had told him some of the fliers can be rather entertaining. His response: “There are a lot of classes and workshops up here that have ‘conscious,’ ‘mindful’ or ‘healing’ in the title. When I come back I’m going to hold a workshop called Conscious Healing Mindfulness and I think a lot of people will attend just because of the title.”

A while back, I was sitting in the plaza enjoying the breeze and wondering how long I could put off heading where I was supposed to be. It was relatively quiet, and I only half-noticed a man juggling and a few kids running around. One of the girls came over closer to me and was watching the juggler. He moved closer to us and tossed her a ball.

“Do you want to try to juggle?” he asked her. She shook her head but…

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