Six Amazing Secrets Behind Your Smile | Health & Wellness – California News

Six Amazing Secrets Behind Your Smile | Health & Wellness – California News

(NAPSI)—Each smile is unique. What does yours say about you?

Your Teeth Tell Your Story

Scientists can learn a great deal about people based on their teeth. Teeth can reveal people’s age, diet and where they live. Teeth can also display signs of stress or illness, providing researchers with a detailed history of a person’s life and health.

Teeth Mark Your Individuality

Your teeth are as unique as your fingerprints. No two teeth—even two teeth in the same person’s mouth—are the same. Each of your 20 baby teeth and 32 permanent teeth has its own profile and varies in shape and size.

They’ve Been With You Since Birth

Your teeth were always there—even if no one could see them at first. You are born with the crowns of your baby teeth beneath your gums. These teeth make their entrance when you’re 3 to 6 months old. The crowns and roots of your permanent teeth form beneath your baby teeth, eventually pushing them out of the way and triggering a visit from the Tooth Fairy.

Teeth Survive Long After Death

The enamel on teeth is stronger than any other part of the body—so strong that it can remain intact for hundreds of years after someone dies. Studying the teeth of human ancestors has taught scientists some fascinating things about history. For example, studies of dental remains have found evidence that the first travelers to leave Africa for China set out about 80,000 years ago and that early humans used a simple form of aspirin for pain relief. Even the toughest substance in the body needs regular care, however.

Your Teeth…

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