Summertime LBC Successfully Funked Up the Queen Mary – California News

Summertime LBC Successfully Funked Up the Queen Mary – California News

Summertime in the LBC (By the Minute Review)
Queen Mary

11:26a.m. I feel 10 years old again in these school bus shuttles taking festival goers over to the Queen Mary parking lot. Except my fatass has to man spread to sit in these seats. (Frank John Tristan)

11:30a.m. With all the cholos on this bus, you’d think we’re headed to county. (FJT)

12:47p.m. People in the front of the general admission section are already setting up deals with the VIP to bring them beers from the VIP beer garden. (FJT)

1:13 First wish of the day made: Del The Funky Homosapien does his “Clint Eastwood” verse from Gorillaz self-titled debut album. (Nick Nuk’em)

1:51 People are getting visibly frustrated by the heat but the occasional ocean breeze is helping cool the nerves. (FJT)

1:57 The Dogg Pound comes on 20 minutes late, assuring all the next sets will be pushed back on time. (FJT)

2:07 Kurupt looks like he’s ready to fuck someone up but Daz Dillinger looks happy as hell joking with the crowd. (FJT)


Daz and Kurupt

Nick Nuk’em

2:25 All these songs are just making me wish Snoop D O double G was here. (FJT)

2:37 “Y’all got a cookie?” Lady of Rage jokes about her role in Next Friday, “what yall know about Baby D? Y’all don’t know nothin bout Baby D that’s why yall laughin.” (FJT)

3:19 Suga Free is messing with everybody on stage, screaming on the mic and nobody can match his energy. (FJT)

3:22 “I’m an android, fuck it nigga. I’m a robot,” DJ Quik responds to his DJs accusations of being non-human. This would explain his ability to be on point after so many years and the immaculate hairline retention. (NN)

3:30 DJ Quik pulled a girl on stage to…

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