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Text The Times. | Evening Times – Arkansas News

Text The Times.

People of the world please listen, all lives matter.

[ Editor’s Note: While I appreciate and agree with your message, I doubt anyone who thinks differently will read this and smack themselves on the forehead, saying, “ Oh… ALL lives matter. Now I get it!”]

*** Ooops, one’s not accounted for… That would be paying insurance premiums for nothing in return, but, you owe all the bill. Funny. Medical insurance, in life or death situation. Is there a out of pocket expense, or just, you went to the wrong hospital? [ Editor’s Note: I can’t for the life of me figure out if this is in direct reference to something that was in the paper or if you just had some sort of epiphany. But, man…

insurance premiums. Don’t get me wrong, I recognize the importance of insurance, but when I think about what I’ve paid into the insurance pool compared what I’ve gotten out of it. I’ll be 44 next month. I’ve got a wife and kids, and we’re all insured to varying degrees. Using some very rough esti-mates, I’ve spent north of

$ 250,000 on insurance premiums. Even with a couple of surgeries, some child birthing expenses and one significant car crash, I feel pretty confident that the insurance companies are, collectively, ahead of the game on me and my family]

*** New volcano forming in Marion, or just pile of asphalt city decided to leave at the end of Walnut as speed bump? [ Editor’s Note: The last volcano to erupt in Arkansas left us with Crater of Diamonds State Park, so let’s keep an eye on this. We might all be rich!]

*** I just tried to report a hole in the road to the City of WM. The woman who I first talked…

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