Trent Taylor turning heads at 49ers camp | – Connecticut News

Trent Taylor turning heads at 49ers camp | – Connecticut News

The San Francisco 49ers selected Trent Taylor in the fifth round of the NFL Draft, but with the way he’s playing in training camp, the LA Tech alum may be worth much more than that.

The folks in Ruston are used to seeing the Evangel grad make incredible catches every day and the 49ers are now getting a taste of that action.  Taylor has turned heads in San Francisco with his signature one handed grabs and stellar work on the sideline.

Taylor led the nation in receiving for the Bulldogs last year, but knows he has a lot to learn if he wants to cut it in the pros, “I feel like I’ve learned a million different new things in this short amount of time.  I feel like every day is crucial for me to go out there and learn anything that I can.  That’s what I’m trying to do right now, just soak everything in and make sure once I make one mistake the first time, that it doesn’t happen again.”

Taylor and the 49ers open the preseason on August 11th against the Chiefs.

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