UFO enthusiast’s child pornography trial in jury’s hands now – Colorado News

UFO enthusiast’s child pornography trial in jury’s hands now – Colorado News

A jury will begin deliberations Tuesday in the trial of a Loveland man accused of possession and distribution of child pornography.

Defense attorneys made their closing arguments to jurors Monday afternoon, urging them to look at the evidence in its entirety and not base their verdict solely on the felony charges against 54-year-old Stanley Romanek, reinforcing their opening arguments.

“The truth is, we don’t have any idea who was on the computer,” said Defense Attorney Ted McClintock. “They don’t know; the detective doesn’t know; you don’t know. And that is a reasonable doubt.”

McClintock told jurors that deputy district attorneys wanted them to find Romanek guilty for child pornography based on what was found on his laptop, but it can’t be directly linked to him beyond a reasonable doubt.

“We know Stan Romanek writes books,” McClintock said of the UFO enthusiast. “We know Stan Romanek writes books about things (the prosecutors) may not believe in. … that a lot of people may not believe in. That’s not a crime in the United States of America.”

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Romanek has written multiple books about reported alien abductions and extraterrestrial life, and a documentary about his reported experiences was just released on Netflix last month.

McClintock cast doubt on Romanek’s wife, Lisa, and her son Jacob Shadduck. The attorney said because there were other individuals living in and visiting the home at the time the child pornography was found and they were not investigated, the images and videos couldn’t be directly linked to Stanley Romanek.

Shadduck reportedly “blew up his computer”…

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