What we’re watching: Historical “Detroit” docu-drama ill-managed | Get Out – Arizona News

What we’re watching: Historical “Detroit” docu-drama ill-managed | Get Out – Arizona News

“Detroit” is a bleak, difficult film that finds its message a bit scrambled. From its docu-drama visual style to its troubling torture scenes, it attempts to fall under the historical epic category but instead finds itself in the “poorly made and disrespectful” category. The film does no justice for the historical events it’s based on. In fact, it actually treats the events with little to no emotion.

To some, “Detroit” may be an important film, but since it’s overflowing with violence, disrespect and false emotion, that importance will be lost on many viewers.

The film begins with the riots that occurred in Motown during the 1960s, jumping back and forth between when the riots began and one of the most infamous scenes of that chaos. After highlighting the start of the events, we jump to the Algiers Motel, where a group of police officers harass a gathering of African-American teenagers. However, the film has no clear message whatsoever as there is no real beginning, middle and end. It is one of the messiest films within recent memory.

There is little-to-no story, plus the film shows blatant disrespect toward the actual events. The movie’s lighting is incredibly dark and sickly, the camera shots are shaky and uncoordinated, and the film is edited almost like a horror movie.

Instead of trying to prove a point like most historical films, “Detroit” just exalts one horrible event after another. Instead of treating these terrible moments of torture and violence with grace and respect, the movie glorifies them. The one thing…

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