Alice Cooper brings ‘Paranormal’ to life at Ak-Chin Pavilion | Get Out – Arizona News

Alice Cooper brings ‘Paranormal’ to life at Ak-Chin Pavilion | Get Out – Arizona News

Alice Cooper’s heyday may have been back in the 1970s, when tours behind albums like “Billion Dollar Babies” were breaking the Rolling Stones’ concert attendance records.

But the man born Vincent Damon Furnier is still creatively vibrant nearly four decades later.

July saw the release of the Bob Ezrin-produced “Paranormal,” the duo’s first collaboration since 2011’s “Welcome 2 My Nightmare.”

Like its predecessor, the new project is a star-studded affair that features cameos from the likes of U2 drummer Larry Mullen Jr., ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons and Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover.

For the Valley resident, the odd array of unlikely guests played into the notion he and Ezrin had about not wanting these songs to be united by a singular concept.

“Bob and I decided we were going to make an album that didn’t necessarily have a story line this time, but an album that got us off,” Cooper explained.

“Every song is a song that we would go, ‘Yes, that’s a great song.’ And they don’t necessarily conform to any style. Alice Cooper is always going to do guitar rock. That’s always what I do. But the styles kind of go all over the place, which is great.

“Using Larry Mullen Jr. from U2 on drums was a great idea. When we got to the studio, he asked to see the lyrics. I’ve never ever had a drummer ask me about the lyrics and he said he plays to the lyrics. And I said that I loved that. It turned it into something totally different and totally not what I was expecting, yet it works all the way. You hear the whole…

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