Alleged pot trafficker known as Hitler faces murder charge – California News

Alleged pot trafficker known as Hitler faces murder charge – California News

OAKLAND — Six months after authorities linked an alleged multi-state marijuana trafficker to two unsolved homicides — one in the Bay Area and another in New Orleans — a grand jury has indicted him, his wife, and two alleged accomplices with murdering an Oakland man and conspiring to murder another unnamed person.

Marcus Etienne, 36, was indicted for allegedly trafficking marijuana but<br />authorities say he’s suspected of ordering two homicides. (Lafayette Parish<br />County Sheriff) (Lafayette Parish County Sheriff)

At the center of the case is a man named Marcus Etienne, a New Orleans native who authorities say goes by the alias “Hitler,” who is accused of conspiring to ship hundreds of pounds of marijuana grown in Northern California farms to his home state. Federal authorities say his drug ring — referred to as the “Etienne Enterprise” — was partially run out of a children’s daycare center.

Etienne was already facing federal drug trafficking charges, along with his wife, Elizabeth Gobert. But federal grand jurors last week brought charges against two new alleged members of the Etienne Enterprise, Mario Robinson, and Craig Marshall. The four defendants now face federal charges of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to traffic marijuana, racketeering, and murder in connection with a continuing criminal enterprise.

Charging documents allege Etienne kept members of the ring in line through threats of violent retaliation, against not only rival drug dealers but people who disobeyed his rules. The conspiracy charges do not name a victim but say the offense was committed in May, when Etienne and Gobert were in federal custody.


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