Biking Toward Canada | THE CONNECTICUT STORY – Connecticut News

Biking Toward Canada | THE CONNECTICUT STORY – Connecticut News

New Milford’s aptly named River Road lay before me like a welcome mat. It hugged the banks of the Housatonic River, and the soft sound of shifting water filled the air. A canopy of branches shielded the summer sun, birds sang in the trees and the only thing that would have been out of place in a painting was this reporter lumbering down the road on a bicycle.

This was my first jaunt on the quiet roadway. Pedaling across the trail, I was surprised I had never before heard it was a great place to bike. I live only 25 minutes away (in this part of Connecticut, that’s nearby) and had driven many times along Route 7, just across the river from the dirt road I was now on.

River Road in New Milford comprises a small, 4.3-mile portion of the Western New England Greenway, a sprawling bicycle route that is newly designated as a part of the U.S. Bicycle Route System by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, which makes the route a part of the national Adventure Cycling Association mapping system.

The Western New England Greenway was initially launched by a group of Connecticut volunteers, and runs from Norwalk all the way to Montreal, Canada, offering a sprawling, multi-state, multi-country trek of more than 300 miles. The route is designated U.S….

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