Boy caught stealing from cars in Shippan – Connecticut News

Boy caught stealing from cars in Shippan – Connecticut News

STAMFORD-Police arrested a 16-year-old Waterside boy early Tuesday morning after he was caught stealing items from open vehicles in the neighborhood.

The arrest was made when a resident on Lanark Road heard his dog bark and watched as the motion sensor in his driveway go on.

The light helped the homeowner see someone rummage through their car and look through his garage just before 2 a.m., Sgt. Robert Shawinsky said. The homeowner then saw the person dressed in black run away from the residence.

Police flooded the Shippan neighborhood and saw someone running through some yards on Lanark Road heading to Chesterfield Road.

After setting up a highly visible perimeter to keep the thief close by, K-9 officer Dave Dogali and his dog Bobbie began a track of the suspect. Hot on the scent, Bobbie led police to the rear of a residence at 21 Chesterfield Road and found a 16-year-old boy hiding in some bushes.

After being taken into custody and charged with criminal trespass and interfering with police police found a a large quantity of change in his bag, believed to be the proceeds from thefts of motor vehicles in the area.

The boy was released to his parents after receiving a juvenile summons.

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