Cancer survivor opens business in Windsor – Colorado News

Cancer survivor opens business in Windsor – Colorado News

When Lucia Sodre was 18, she found a lump in her throat.

She was soon told she had cancer.

Now, the 27-year-old is cancer-free and has opened a new business in Windsor.

Sodre hopes her medical supply store, I Love Lucy’s Home Medical Supply and Equipment, will help others who experience life-altering health issues.

At-home medical equipment became suddenly necessary for Sodre after she had surgery to remove the tumor on her throat.

After her surgery, Sodre used a machine at home to keep her throat clear. She said she had little help learning how to use the equipment, so Sodre also had to learn how to use the machine on her own.

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Sodre wanted to help others avoid the struggle of learning how to use medical equipment at home, so she began learning how the equipment works.

Her new store a variety of supplies, and Sodre can teach customers how to use them.

Shortly after her surgery, Sodre also had to use a cane to walk. She said her cane was heavy and embarrassing.

“Who wants to be an 18-year-old girl with a cane?” she said.

Teaching customers how to use the equipment they need is a big focus for Sodre, but having colorful options is important to her, too. When she was first struggling with a new scar on her neck, Sodre said the last thing she needed was embarrassment about the equipment she had to use.

“Just because you’re going through an illness or a difficulty in your life and you have certain limitations doesn’t mean that you don’t want to be normal, that you don’t want to look good,” she said. “And it doesn’t mean that you’re done living.”

Her challenges started before she was diagnosed with cancer, as she dropped out of…

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